About Nene Fashions

Nene Adam was born in Kindu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Formerly known as Zaire) but grew up in Kinshasa. She watched her Aunt Amina sew clothes at an early age and developed a love for sewing.

She went to Lycee Technique Molende, college Don Petit Petit and Intitu Superieur ISAM where she mastered her sewing skills. Nene dreamed of coming to the United States and took steps to accomplish her dream.

She worked as a seamstress in Cameroon for two years in order to make her journey to the United States come true. Her first language is Swahili and Lingala but she is well versed in several other languages including French and English.

Her specialty is custom hand made dresses for all occasions. Her mission is to continue to experiment with different fabrics and textures, create new fashion lines, grow her business and eventually distribute her clothing line to major department stores.

Her work ethics are based on a quote that is close to her heart. “In life you need to be patient, persevere, love what you are doing and believe in your dream”.

Psalm 23